The Gambling Video Game Connection

This site is dedicated to introducing the growing connection between gambling and video gaming. Gambling comes in many forms such as casino play or sports betting for example. Video Game gambling is becoming a different form of gambling.

The Video Game Gambling Controversy

There are two aspects of video game gambling that is gaining a fair amount of interest. The topics in this site touch on both. One area of the gambling that is raising some negativity is the use of loot boxes which some are saying that the actions that take place within these constitute gambling. Yet, the video games including those that still have the loot boxes are creating a billion-dollar industry. Many video game players really do prefer the games that do have the loot box features but because of the controversy, http some of the software makers are beginning to exclude these. The governments in some countries are looking for ways that they can perhaps regulate the loot box aspect of video gaming. If they can achieve this, then it may make all parties happy. Meaning those that are against this type of gaming activity, and the players that really want the loot boxes kept in the games.

The Casino Scene and Video Games

The other aspect of the video game gambling is the way that some casinos may now be viewing this type of gameplay. Meaning that some casinos may be thinking of ways that they can include video gameplay into gambling action. The posts here about this describe how the casinos may be able to go about this, and what it would mean if they did.

There are many people that enjoy playing video games, just as there are many people that enjoy gambling. A lot of these people have an interest in both. It makes sense that video gaming could be brought into the gambling action and if it did then it would provide another venue for gambling enthusiasts. It would have to be regulated under the casino licencing which would be a good thing because then it would not be self regulated.