Understanding What Video Games Are

With so much technology being available in the gaming industry, the term video games often gets used loosely. Some will use this to refer to any type of game that is played on the internet for example. To truly appreciate what video games are, and their history, it helps to have a better understanding of them. Video game playing is becoming part of the gambling industry. In this context it is taking on different forms. such as what is considered gambling with loot boxes. Or, it is now suggested that casinos may include video game playing as part of their gambling roster.

Electronic Games

Video games come into the electronic games category. This means it is a type of game that has to rely on some form of electronics to operate properly. The electronics allow for the interaction that takes place during the gameplay.

Visual Feedback

Another important component of the video game is that it must have some type of interface that will allow for visual feedback through the game playing process. The most common interfaces are a computer monitor or a television screen.

Electronic Systems

These are the platforms that are used, such as computers, or devices that have been designed for video game play. They can vary in style and sizes. The software developers for the video games will develop their products to be compatible with a particular electronic system. For example, there are specific games that are played on an Xbox. Video games can also be found in arcade game platforms which are coin operated. These are undoubtedly not as popular as they once were, as they have been replaced with the variety of consoles that are played in the home.

Game Controllers

Video games need an input device for players to perform their actions. These are the game controllers. They come in different varieties, such as joysticks or gamepads, for example.

History of Video Games

For those that enjoy the many different types of video games today, they may believe that video games only came about as a result of new technology. Yet, there have been crude forms of video games dating back to 1947, where the display format relied on a cathode ray tube. The first video game to hit the commercial market in 1971 was called Computer Space. This was a coin-operated video game.