Video Game Gambling is a Profit Maker

Most people think of video game playing and gambling as two separate entities, but when you bring these two forms of entertainment together, they are a big money maker.

Loot Box Frenzy

On the surface, it may not appear as though loot boxes would fit into the gambling category. Loot boxes allow the character in the game to upgrade, or buy prizes, by using real cash to do so. Why this fits into the gambling category is because what they are buying is not revealed until the purchase is made. Based on this many government officials in different countries, are thinking of banning the loot box concept. So far, this has not legally happened. Some software developers have stopped incorporating them into their games, but they are still available through many others. These are allowed to exist by making sure they are compatible with the applicable regulations.


This is another form of video game gambling according to some because it is a cosmetic upgrade to the character, paid for in cash. It is indicated that characters with these new skins have real-world value. Some say they are being used for casino game wagering, trading, and cash sales.

The Controversy

Based on the popularity of video games, as well as gambling, it is only natural that it is going to draw the attention of those who will find some negative aspects to it. Video games are often considered to be a child’s game, yet there are a great many adults who enjoy this type of gameplay. There are also several anti-gambling groups that feel that loot boxes or skins, are a form of gambling, and should not be allowed in video gameplay.

Just as there are many against this, there are many that are for it. The latter believe it adds to the excitement of the gameplay, and that players have to self-regulate themselves when purchasing items for their characters. Just as with gambling, players must control themselves, which many of them do. Video games are extremely popular, and so is casino gambling. It makes sense that these two gaming entities will cross paths.